Posted by: Adam Kay | December 13, 2013

A poem on the neuroscience of pair bonding

This poem was written and performed by UST seniors Daniel Volovets (on guitar) and Joshua Serre (reciter) as an extra credit assignment for Dr. Sarah Heimovics’ class BIOL/NSCI 398: Topics in Behavioral Neuroendocrinology.  In this poem, a prairie vole laments the fact that he must engage in copulatory behavior in order to form a pair bond, as he adheres to a conservative moral ideology and wishes to save such activities for marriage.  Josh and Daniel highlight much of the research covered in class about the neuroendocrine basis of social affiliation, referencing several of the major findings of Aragona et al. (2006) “Nucleus accumbens dopamine differentially mediates the formation of maintenance of monogamous pair bonds.” Nature Neuroscience. Vol. 9 Number 1 (133-39).


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