Posted by: Adam Kay | January 24, 2014

Puma sighting!

La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica: On Wednesday, January 22 at ~4:30 pm, Morgan Reeve, Meg Thompson, and Jake Anderson saw evidence of a puma (Puma concolor). They were on the CCC trail ~300m from the La Selva station clearing. Initially, they saw foot-long scat filled with peccary hair, teeth, and armadillo skin. The scat was directly on the walking path. After discovering the scat, they walked down the path ~100 meters and then heard two low growls, consistent with sounds of a puma (supported by on-line research). All three then heard something large run off into the forest. One person (Jake) clearly saw the back end of a large beige animal 60-75cm tall. Jake said it ran off “like a puma” (supported by on-line video research). La Selva, which is connected to the Braulio Carrillo National Park on the Caribbean slope of Costa Rica, supports 5 of the 6 feline species in Costa Rica. Naturalist Kenneth Alfaro said that there are about one direct puma sighting a year at La Selva. Probably the best support for feline conservation is participating in low-impact ecotourism that values pristine forest protection (e.g., visit La Selva).



  1. Sweet! Nice sighting! I’ve seen an ocelot and a jaguarundi at La Selva but never a puma. But Minor Hidalgo (STREAMS project technician) has seen a few over the years. Have you guys checked out the Project TEAM camera trap photos?

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